Georgina Wilding sst10

8 Jan

so, after a conversation with Debs about how shit it would be to not be a part of the show (considering it might be my last/second to last) ive got a draft of something little.

It is little right now, but I’m working on it more on my dinner break today. That means it’ll have changed by the time I get to you guys tonight, but I just thought I should make people aware now that I’m onnit 🙂

It’s a ‘love’ themed one, bit prose in its imagery, but selima hill which I want to do more of! Anyway, draft :


There was less room to move in my house this weekend, the walls had ballooned, swollen and bright.

To get through the door, A limbo, as its corners curled and stretched into panelled grin. And the trees outside bent and spilt to poke branches through the keyhole. And the winds pressed up their cheek against windows. And the clouds clapped loud enough to be heard. And the light lapped at all the bricks.

And all this? To peek inside,
at your shoes,
treasured by tile in anticipation, like a butterfly on a small boys arm.

The floor, and me, a landscape of goosebumps.



One Response to “Georgina Wilding sst10”

  1. MouthyPoets January 10, 2016 at 2:01 pm #

    I love this and the version of it you performed on Friday, too. The idea of everything ballooning and pressing in…yet this doesn’t feel like an oppressive feeling, it feels like a poem about being ready to burst – and feeling in love can feel like that! I like that it’s a bit prosey, but it still feels definitely like a poem because of the playfulness of the imagery & I don’t feel like you’ve gone overboard with description; each phrase actually moves the poem forward somewhere.

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