Liaurie Ramsey sst10

8 Jan

You were once a bedtime story
Listened to through sleepy eyes
You lived through magic and lore
I never questioned your existence
Now as I stand before you
nestled between Star and ice
I marvel at your brilliance
A new world
Hidden between the stars

When I was a girl

I used to read.
Escaping from a reality I didn’t feel I belonged
Day dreams and poems
I found a home between pen and paper

I lived in the stories which clouded my head with adventures
I explored the impossible
glided through the air and discovered new worlds
I was a queen and warrior, sorceress and the unexpected saviour
Through books I became fearless

Through the pages of stories I learnt

My strength is not measured in kilos and pounds
Love isn’t always enough
Good guys sometimes lose
And the villain wins

The books of my childhood
Proved to me my weaknesses only enhance my strength
And What I see as imperfections another will see as courage
Sometimes I need to let the world turn with out me and take some time for myself.

It’s okay to cry
Sometimes the world feels to small
we feel claustrophobic under the pressure
Although it can be so easy to feel alone
There is always someone to return your smile
I learnt to embrace the tangles of my hair
And love every curl
I try to focus on my blessings that I take for granted
Just because it is my normality
Others don’t have the same privilege

Through books of fiction I discovered a new way of living


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