Laura D SST10 – 999 Call

12 Jan

Posting this incase anyone wanted to comment on my idea. For some reason my last post was deleted and on Friday I tried to explain/pitch my piece, so if you. Had any thoughts or feedback on that I guess you can comment here because the other post was deleted and I’m not sure I can remember what I said. Hopefully you can remember any thoughts you have from Friday. If you weren’t there Friday here’s a vague picture of my idea

It uses UV pain and a load of old telephones to demonstrate the chaos of a 999 operators day. There’ll be loads of calls on an audio track layered up (potentially some live read out too) and I’m in contact with some operators to make sure they’re authentic. Weaved into those are personal calls to “Kate” and she can’t answer or hear them between the Nicholas of work. 

Then she snaps and swipes the phones off the desk and whatever personal issue she wasn’t able to respond to, comes to a head and its too late (working on this element to ensure its not too dramatic)

I’ve kind of deconstructed this piece into elements so working on them separately. As soon as I have more content I’ll post up. But still unsure about so,me bits (might be my frame of mind because I couldn’t actually out my finger on WHAT I’m unsure about) so any thoughts, comments, advice etc welcome 

Lau x



One Response to “Laura D SST10 – 999 Call”

  1. MouthyPoets January 14, 2016 at 12:31 am #

    I’ve been trying to avoid commenting on this one because I’m not sure I can give any constructive feedback, but most of the other pieces have comments already, so hey ho!
    Basically I think the idea is brilliant, and I enjoyed your description of it at the last Mouthy meeting – it was a performance in itself 😉
    The UV paint is an excellent and unique take on the light theme and I’m really looking forward to seeing it live!
    My only real question is about the parts that will potentially be live – I have a feeling that there might be some confidentiality issues with this, though you might know better than me. Also it could well make for some extremely uncomfortable viewing depending on what calls happen to come through at the time, which might even distract from the piece. (Then again, it might add to it, it really depends!) Of course audience discomfort might be exactly the atmosphere you what to create, so it’s just something to bear in mind.
    Apologies for the potentially unhelpful feedback as it appears to be mainly praise! Hopefully you can get something from it anyway 🙂
    Mid x

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