18 Jan

Gather all followers. This is my invitation to chaos.

sitting in my ill gotten throne I drink from the chalice I carefully filled with the deception I manipulate with ease. A habit I now consider a creed.

I invite you. All here. To witness.

My Kingdom.

Devoid of light.

My kingdom.

A bitter sight.


Through my eyes that have been drowned in abberation.

Freedom fails

To hold meaning. To exist.

To the victor go the spoils.

An arcane reality I stitched into my heart to absolve me of all sins.

Lo and behold the manifestation of my will.  Crushed within my hands, drowned in obscenity. the withered sword. The truth.

A feral beast.

One thought to be emblazoned with grace. Beauty and other fictitious beliefs.

I wield this hate filled monstrosity and cut through the rotten the flesh of the kingdom I rule.

A tyrant is the name I hold with pride.

For to be revered in such a world would be a resignation of character.


I carry hatred with undue diligence, to give way to unity.

For you fools will only unite when presented with a threat that you all look upon with fear.

My face displays nothing but satisfaction.

I hold no doubts within my mind. No actions I wish to rectify.

As I dragged you across the floor, littered with your own misdeeds and ignorance, I distracted you from the mirror you now avoid.

Because you all love someone to hate.

Its what you need.

The reason I rose to power so hastily. So easily.


Disguise yourselves with righteousness. Wrap yourself in an old tradition called peace and hold it over your head in fear, as I ride through the night. cast away your arms so you can hold each other’s hands.

For mine are balled into fists, permanently disfigured.

So broken I have lost the tools with which to pray. For I had to abandon my devotion to the divine to find an answer

An answer that would silence you all.



Realisation showed me that I only need to imitate what I see, to control it.

Be the devil among demons.

A being with which  they replace the word ‘him’ with it.

It has ruined our lives. They say

You still have them.

It has destroyed our freedom they say

You were never truly free

It has doomed our world they say

Yet still







Still I rise upon the filth surrounding me. Years and years of decay.


They used to call me a hero.

I gave them all they asked for and they replied with bloodshed.

I am ruthless, vicious and necessary.

I threw away  my conscience and left it to die in exhile.

No words of regret will gently soar from my lips, for they are curled into a condemning curse of amusement.

I bow to no one.

I show kindness to no woman, to no man.

I dislocate the jaws of you ill tempered beasts with iron fists that I wield with an enviable and undeniable skill.

This isn’t a kingdom.

It is a joke that has been told far too many times, for far too long.

I approach you with pitiless ferocity.

And mercilessly tear from you the fate you have been given the choice to create and thrust my blade inches away from your neck.

And I bestow upon you but two choices


Or die.



From <https://dub115.mail.live.com/?tid=cmuumMAUp95RGRwxBgS7Lzjg2&fid=flsearch&srch=1&skws=kain&sdr=4&satt=0>


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