Tech Script Advice for SST10.

19 Jan

Hey guys

So, SST10 is near. This is my advice for January 21st (performance draft and tech aspects confirmed with production deadline). Basically, what I would need for this is an annotated script of your Say Sum-thin 10 performance piece in order to pass this over to the Playhouse and the BSL translator (as I too have a deadline with them and they are waiting for these). A few things…

  •  Keep in mind that the studio tech capacity is limited.
  •  Perhaps if your poem has a shift in tone/mood, you could change colour but this is not a must, the poem is still fine without it.
  • I can not guarantee hand held mics yet but I am trying so keep this in mind too on performance.

In a similar manner to Afrah, I am going to give examples of the 3 ways I would like this information passed over to me using bits of my Say Sumthin piece as an example.

1: If you do not have any requests, send over your piece with just highlighting tech at the start and end so ie….


“I venom through

soliloquy, confessions strangled, snake-like

by breath.

Sifting for a ‘sorry’ or ‘I don’t care or

maybe I meant to say

‘I forgot my tears’.

—— insert the rest of the poem in between with no changes or shifts till after the last stanza——-

“and say ‘I did not pull the trigger

I did not pull the trigger?

my words were not the funeral, her pulled plug

I must be innocent, right?

I’m lying”

Fade to black.


2: Highlight the poem due to shift’s in tone/feeling or intensity. For a full example of this, please check Chris’s second draft but emotions can still be evident with just a neutral light.

Red Wash (Confusion)

“Maybe my ears gave in.

Maybe sorrow darkened the moon

from my room but ‘ I can’t cry’.


She pauses on ‘maybes’

each pause is nuclear, power-plant unstable

in voice for we both know, Riley and I, that

not all weapons are guns. Some come coiled,

tripping in vowels and syntax


Emily spills from the world

(Slow transition to dim neutral light) (sorrow)

Last words lie dormant in my mouth

I whisper to take them back”

and so on and so on until the end- Fade to black.


3: For the more tech reliant pieces, please provide full detail of tech (props, staging, audio) and where you would like change. Went a bit OTT on this one aha but just an example.

Chair positioned centre stage. DIM light over the stage. Woman walks over to chair and sits.


CUE- Heart monitor sound effect/screen projection. (12 seconds)

“I wind back! I wind back!


I wind back, rewind, minutes spilling through time

She was fine, soul confined?

I wind back and back and back

and it’s funny, how the truth is a blood stain

licking my wrists out.


I venom through soliloquy

confessions, strangled, snake-like

by breath.


“13th November 2015

A medical team, find Emily


Cue spotlight on dancer 1, 2 and 3


“Bloodied Paris restaurant

the shards shriek into soles

Emily is dangled from death.”

UV light on, dancers with white gloves move to the drum beat. They stop.

“I’m lying”

Fade to black.


SST10 will mainly focus on performance so just a spotlight for your piece would still be fine. Even if you do not have tech requirements, please do send as ‘tech script’ over to me at by midnight on the 21st. Please send this as a word doc, Times New Roman print, font 12.



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