faye- ‘light’ piece draft

19 Jan

I’ve played around with a few of the concepts in this version of my poem, but still unsure whether i like this piece or not, so some feedback would be appreciated!

-as for the performance side of this poem, i think each of my verses relate to a certain colour based on the imagery I’ve given, eg the verse about the snake i relate to the colour green and the verse about flames relates to orange. so i was hoping that the lighting on the stage could slowly fade into the different colours as i read.

here are the colours that i think corroespond best with the verses

verse 1: possibly no colour/ black

verse 2:emerald green

verse 3:red

verse 4:blue

verse 5:orange

verse 6: white spotlight, to symbolise the freedom/truth

Another idea which i’m not sure would work out not is maybe in the verse talking about shadows maybe have 1 or 2 people holding a torch and someone makes the’shadow puppets’ with their hands against a black background? i’m not sure how well that would work but it might be fun to play around with that idea.

anyway, this is the draft 🙂

A damned delight

You were a demise disguised as a revolution,

I was foolish to forget looks can deceive.

Secrets far more sinister were set in your bones,

I had found home in the lies you weave.


I was captivated by the beauty of your scales,

but failed to remember that you are a beast untamed.

Your fork tongue whispered poison words,

another soul loved and then left unnamed.


I saw your halo glint in the flicker of candle light,

blind to the cast of horns that engulfed the wall.

You were a disease that claimed to cure,

and deep in my veins you began to crawl.


My ship was sinking into the murky depths,

like a siren you lured and dragged me down.

I struggled and writhed my way back to the surface;

You submerged me once, now I won’t drown.


You promised me you’d stay and I believed,

you burnt with such vibrance but faded to grey.

I danced in the flames but refused to burn,

now I have grown and will never obey.


The instant I set eyes on you my fate was promised,

like a moth to a flame I was drawn to your light.

The truth had enlightened as much as it pained;

I fear you no longer, I will stand and fight.


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