Blow Torch

22 Jan


Shine the blue flame of a blazing blowtorch at the back of your iris
And you’ll understand how I felt when I saw those police sirens
Flashing through my door on new years eve
Mum I would’ve handed you the keys
You didnt have to call the police
I was just trying to understand what masculine means

You sent me to school for 17 years
And my life’s only been more positive with out dads hostility ever being here
I don’t mean to have broad shoulders but this testosterone was molded by my peers and what I saw as the worlds idea.

You know the respect is always there cause that’s mandatory
I’ve always tried to understand the way you handle me
Maybe, in the picture of your future I’m just not the man you planned to see
Not living the life you wanted me to lead
And I’m sorry but uni just wasn’t for me
Not that it never will
Just that 27 thousand pounds is a lot spill
If its not going to give me the practical skills
To help me establish what I truly want to build

I know I would have been the first in the family to get a degree
But to what degree should I sacrifice what is true to me?

I mean, I’m sorry I’m not a pilot yet
but Ima fly you back to your new home Florida as soon as i get my private jet
I promise!
Cause a man is not considered accomplished
If he can only cater to himself
I mean I watched documentary the other day about endangered Gazelles
And the even male antelope had to drop kick another in the chin to win protection over everyone else
Plus he won all the girls

I know everything is off track
Has been ever since those 4 officers tore me away from our home, from your flat
But I’m still out here fighting for a better life just to win you back.


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