Chamiah, Aftermath ,sst10

28 Jan

You will bite your tongue

Watch this home become a house.

You ran here to return once, but docile thighs

had given out.

Teeth, clench, hard

metal, tangs, loud

in your do not disturb me mouth.

But that warm clogging sap will thrust

it’s way through the smallest of cracks

to finally gasp

for air.

“He’s been cruel to you,” she said

but you, knew nothing.

It gathers speed down thick lips to drip

onto the lumps and bumps disguised

under a fully made up chin.

No rest, for wire words they

tear on undeterred and find pleasure

in hurtling themselves

down the length of your neck.

Sitting for a while, in the diamond wishing well.

Gristle walls and collar bone

encase a thousand things you’d rather bleed than say

rather hurt than take veils of happiness away.

That wishing well grants no wishes

so red paths carry on

unable to kind the gap existing

between uneven architecture of breast where

Biding time fingers and calculating palms thundered on through their quest

You, couldn’t tell.

You, could have been filled




but you, couldn’t tell.

There could be a tap , somewhere

in you. That




Into cupped palms, raised to his thirsty lips.

That smacked and slurped all over this but you

You, couldn’t tell

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