Horizon – Final Draft – Barney

28 Jan

A body

Lost in darkness.



I don’t know.

A mind

that thieves time.

Hungrily feeding off the implosion.

It helped to create,


A mind

without time-zones.

On unknown waters

A body

bereft of rest,

barely afloat.

Fishing for flotsam

and jetsam.

Trying to make sense

of what was left by those adrift here first.


I soon understand my charge.

To unload my own cargo

willing a body that feels weak,

straining in pain.

I grapple with the first load,

knees, back, arms

licked with the embers of exertion.

Lifting with the last,

little strength left,

into the darkness cast.

A splash of light is cast back upon me.
Encouraged, I move to jettison all unnecessary for progression.

Loosing all that was so tightly bound,

heaving over every excess and excuse to be found.

Though each muscle fibre screams at the stake it is tied to,

I tighten them all, set light to them.

With each weight expelled, I sweat beads of light out of every pore until

my body becomes incandescent.


My light shines upon the discarded debris dancing in the dim waters,

knocking against the nearby rocks that nearly wrecked me.

I hope what I leave will lead others and that what heats me will warm them.

A calm and steady wind whistles for attention, catching my sails in the softest of cradles.

I fix my eyes on the horizon, where the sun has started rising.


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