Sebastian King SST10 Final poem

28 Jan

Burning in the most darling of fashions 😉



Ouch!! Hot!! Smoking!! These are the thoughts that flood the brain baby?!?

Well, can’t say I blame you.

Out here my sizzlingly smoking self is sought after something of a desired desirable.

I shine with burning lights leaving even the most daunting deities deep in envy.

Enter my circumference baby, come in and out, all around my sparkling glam.

The worlds literally revolve around me, darling.

Out here in the void I am their epicentre.

And I see you out there, hidden in the back.

Literally longing to reach out to me and get all up in what I’ve got.

You can’t get to be any more of literal star than I darling. *giggles*

Blinding; that’s what you call it right darling?

Either I’m so bright that you can’t handle the intensity

Or you were never made to stare down this pure raw power.

Are you nocturnal beauty? You should try and be out in the day more.

That’s when I shine.

I am the unspoken force that exists all around.

I may hurt, but hell, it’s never more than a sincere inconvenience.


Try to avoid me, for I am organic life honey. Maybe not to you but I am life to all that around you. Don’t claim you don’t recognise my influence, baby.

So edge ever closer. And see if I care. At the rate I see you running circles all around I’d think you had something to say.

But no…baby, you are obsessive. You welcome me to your home and then, you lock me in.

And darling I am flattered by the sentiment but I don’t think you were ever made to handle me like this. You can’t handle me baby, stay near me and you surely melt. Which is to say that I am so intensely scorching that of course you would, but maybe just maybe darling it is in fact the rational should actually be that it is you that suffers from my basking aura and that perhaps it’s time you step away and leave me be.

Whatever darling see if I care, whether or not you decide to kill yourself something silly because you couldn’t handle all of this would be none of my business.

At the end of the day I’m still the show stopper, when I’ve grown weary of your aimless antics that’s when we stop this baby. And you can run baby, and you can try and hide.

But just remember, there’s no one alive that can hide from literally the biggest deal in the known galaxy baby.

Do I make myself clear, darling?


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