Robbert’s SS11 idea.

30 Apr

The little mermaid.


I told her, “I wanna write a song with you.”

Her immediate reaction didn’t seem very musical. But she managed to wash down her reluctancy with a glass of my enthusiasm. It looked a little too hard to swallow though.

Between you and me… I think she just didn’t want to hurt my feelings…

Knew that anything musical we might share in this space would come at a price. Having played piano in the past, she knows that every key requires effort. Every chord requires contact, every verse must be attacked every note … needs impact.

Channeling all that we are and hearing the universe equally and oppositely react. Like science … She knows there’s chemistry in this musical contract.

And between you and me… I think she’s scared to do that.

She houses pipes that were silenced a while back. Now all noise is mute, all lyrics refute, and the tones are all flat.


She is the little mermaid.

A villain stole her voice  at the promise of love, a kinship of bliss and… what a bargain that is. String up your vocal chords and I’ll meet each pained utterance with a kiss. I’ll be the hiccup in your throat, the stutter in your sentence my sweet nothings will be the only sound you know.

She … has choked, by fingers disguised as affection.


(That’s as far as I’ve gotten)


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