Robbert’s first draught

13 May

The little mermaid.

I told her, “I wanna write a song with you.”

Her immediate reaction didn’t seem very musical. But she managed to wash down her reluctancy with a glass of my enthusiasm. It looked a little too hard to swallow though.

Between you and me… I think she just didn’t want to hurt my feelings…

Knew that anything musical we might share in this space would come at a price. Having played piano in the past, she knows…. that every…  key… requires effort. Every chord requires contact, every verse must be attacked every note … needs impact.

Channeling all that we are and hearing the universe equally and oppositely react. Like science … She knows there’s chemistry in this musical contract.

And between you and me… I think she’s scared to do that.

She houses pipes that were silenced a while back. Now all noise is mute, all lyrics refute, and the tones are all flat.


She is the little mermaid.

A villain stole her voice at the promise of love, a kinship of bliss and… what a bargain that is. String up your vocal chords and I’ll meet each pained utterance with a kiss. I’ll be the hiccup in your throat, the stutter in your sentence my sweet nothings will be the only sound you know.

She … was choked, by fingers disguised as affection. This mermaid was drowned under the animosity of someone who did understand that violence had no place in love. Between you and me, I think when her fin was torn into a pair of feet she found it difficult to find any other fish in the sea. This banished princess.. with a well of troubles as deep as the ocean her voice was not stolen… it was broken! She was gifted with new respiratory organs that were already choking. Her frail fingers did not belong in the hands of that man like creatures with gills don’t belong on land. Aggression is nobodies natural habitat. But like I said was silenced a while back. She made to believe that like every note, each future affection would require impact. And between you and me… I really wanna change that.

I told her “I wanna write a song with you”. Not to test whether she is musically faceted but rather to see if she is still passionate. I wanted to see if my prayers had reached you yet… I wanted you to be okay. Little mermaid who swam away. I wanted to watch you recuperate. In your time at sea you overcome bigger waves.  So… sing. Understand that are the most wonderful lyricist and  your pitch and tone are not a akin heartache and woe, you can be loud. Be proud in knowledge that any music you make is only the overture, only the beginning to a symphony called “done with this shit” you. I will hear no requiem, you’ll play no finale. The stage is not a battleground. Let there be no more tears in which to drown, sing! Sing and make sea sirens jealous of how mermaids sound.


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