Jei SST11 First Draft

15 May

My hands stretch and stretch and stretch- I am underwater. There is air around me.


I am drowning. I will my finger nails to grow so I can reach it. I still can’t.

What do you know? When I look at you do you know I am almost-

slip,  fall, choke-

I am so close. You can see me. Look at me. In slow-mo I trace the outline of you. The kettle boils. Its pop pierces the  world that is definite.

I am with you. No sound. Maybe deafening silence of water. Drowning. Sound of drowning. But its okay. It’s all inside. There is air around me. We can breathe.

But can I touch you? Can I reach you? You can see me so why won’t you look at me? My arm stretches out again- like wading out to the deep end not knowing how swim. My toes cramp. My fingers curl from the strain.


You are hidden inside yourself and the cafetiere. I stop reaching. Though my arms have grown scales. I sink into the sofa with the coffee you made me.

I sink into giving up.

My insides gurgle as I swim.



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