Nadia Scola – draft 1 SST11

15 May

“So have you been on any dates on here”


“I’ve been on squillions since I moved here… mostly nothing special though”

*He was a drip*

“I’m always terrified of being that”

It isn’t hard just don’t be one.



“you look like lil birds helped u get dress in the morning…”

I’m no Cinderella


“You’re a natural beauty”



“You kept me up all night thinking about everything”

Thinking about what ?

“It made me cry”

What made you cry ?


“You need to grab some balls and let me call you”

Grab some balls?

“What r u scared of?”


“I’m not going to bite u thru the phone”

Because that’s possible.


“I’m a really honest good guy”

I’m honest

“I want to make you happy”

You just asked if you could bend me over


“I want to cuddle you all night and all night chick”

Please don’t

“I want to treat you the princess you are”

I already said I’m not Cinderella


“you are a lovely person”

Well I’m not bad

“Your Cute”



“So are you a V then?”

Is that socially acceptable to ask?

“I describe you to my friends as proper”

Oh thanks


“Why do you not express your feelings?”

I do

“Have I done something wrong?”


“It’s not like I want to send rude pictures or want to fuck you”



“I don’t want to start an argument with you huni”

Well don’t

“Oh babe you are funny”

I’m hilarious


“Why am I explaining marriage to you?”

I don’t know I wish you wouldn’t

“You might trip over into love”

Yes because that’s my life ambition.


“I just need a cuddle”


“Wish I was taking you out”

I’m glad you’re not


“I could feel it from the moment our eyes first met”

Oh yeh my eyes felt that to.

“I know how much your into me”

so much

“I’m crazy for you”

I  no.


“girls and guys can’t be friends”

Sure they can


“being charming isn’t gender specific is it ?”

You tell me


“you yummy thing you”


“Can I eat you up”



“You made my day ”


“Can I take you out sometime?”





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