Nafeesa Draft 1 SST11

15 May

Idea: Eve (from Adam n Eve) and Lilith (Adam’s 1st wifey) meet in a bar. Eve is pregnant, Adam has left her after the whole forbidden fruit drama. Lilith is working as an escort.

11:20pm on a Tuesday. The hags and the whores trickle out of side alleys and posh bars. Drunk, bright eyed, born from the devil, these women ooze sex, thick thighs and framed eyes, their strut digs out sighs from the open mouths of married men who stare at girls in school skirts during the day. Boiling blood, sharp tongues, crimson lips lick and spit. Even their spit say sex. They are goddesses of the night, tongues burn from all their woman.

Eve is sat on a bench, clutching on to her bag, head held down as though she is drowning. Perhaps she is crying. Limp hair, swollen eyes, a woman’s belly – she is fresh, raw, only just been born, spat out from the heavens. She holds her woman tongue in a fist, afraid, she is as visible as a five year old giving you the finger. Not bold, but brand new.


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