Petra Mijic – SST11 Draft 2

28 May

Recipe for Disaster



1 deceased father

1 unavailable mother

1 innocent, abandoned child, told to be seen and not heard

Place in:

a supposedly safe educational environment

and mix well with:

1 sadistic child molester


After sifting through the potential ingredients add:

10 heaped tea spoons of praise and encouragement 


the most accessibly vulnerable,

then pour in:

1 cup full of trust

and spice well with:

a clear intent of misguided direction.


Allow a good few months for the attraction to rise and for the attachment to settle.

Make sure to introduce:

a large splash of helplessness, 

for good measure.

Decorate with:

a repertoire of rules:

Do not allow the child to talk. Do not allow the child to leave. Do not allow the child to understand.



Repeat this process as necessary, carefully folding in:

reassurances, black lies and emotional ties,

whilst whisking away those first moments.

Aim to fragment the mind.



To ensure silence, finish your masterpiece by coating with

a glaze of denial and thick layers of victim blame.

To preserve your product make sure to keep it in

a dark isolated room.

Best served chilled.






One Response to “Petra Mijic – SST11 Draft 2”

  1. MouthyPoets May 29, 2016 at 6:00 pm #

    This is so powerful, Petra. I like how you’ve formatted it like a recipie, too.

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