Jahrel’s Auditorium draft 2

29 May

Best times
[Verse 1]
There are certain things in my life I do regret,
If I had to pay for all my mistakes I’d probably be in debt,
Grown up, making better decisions, a change of lifestyle,
But there’s the gap in the middle of an adult and a young child,
So back to the red, yellow, white, blue ties,
Where everyone has got their own ties…
Different races, different groups, different tribes
Different set of skills with their very own minds,
Then in the class there is one dictator,
With the powers of the pen, projector and paper,
Whilst I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for the break to come,
Ready and waiting, waiting, waiting to go out and run,
Then the time comes, lunch break arrives
And as lunch break arrives so do the kids that skive,
So now I’ve got to run fast like a cheetah
Get to the front of the que for my pizza
Got my Yazoo, 250millitre
Now I’m fuelled for the arena…

The best times are the break times,
The bless times were the break times

[Verse 2]
Some days we were rioting-said wrecker
Other days play fighting-red letter
Some days playing basket and football
Other days talking to girls in the hall,
Cracking nuff joke cos there’s no real worries,
Cos everything was mild, even the curries,
There was certain older years you had to keep dodging
There were certain things that got your blood popping
Like that boy who was always ball hogging,
Someone else in your spot you’d take your girl snogging,
No democracy, no one is really in charge
Just he did/she did, that’s the rules of the yard,
A sense of entitlement for 55 minutes
To the environment when the fence is the limit,
The Freedom! Yeah the shackles are free
The Season! About to change immediately…
The best times are the break times,
The bless times were the break times

[Verse 3]
The snow is falling
The snow is falling
The snow is falling
The snow is falling,
Now the battle field is set
Look around you everywhere they could be a threat,
Instructions given out, here come the troops
Unlimited ammo and they ready to shoot,
Better start running here come the hunter gang
Got there recipe to make a human snowman,
Teachers inside, ya out of blessings
Kids screaming please! I wanna go to lesson!
Get a shock, looking at their own watch
Cos there’s 45 minutes still left on the clock,
The ground goes from…
White, brown to green
The war is over…time to head back to the canteen…

The best times are the break times,
The bless times were the break times


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