James Fields SST11 draft 2

29 May

The land of dreams and nightmares (3:00 approx running time)

Video and lyrics

Look upon the sight you see
A scarecrow reads prose articulately
Look upon the sight you see
Bare bones dance diligently

Haunted horsemen duel to the death
As violent crows breathe fiery breath
As you fix your gaze on the eye of an ogre
Youll never believe you are truly sober

A bearded men sells shoes to a cat
And greets a Dragon with a tip of his hat

If by any Chance you notice a bee
You must bow your head by royal decree
And nature is in the act
There’s a thieving rose Bush that’s a fact
you’ll begging me to exercise tact
If it was by a thorny flower
you were attacked.

A dog in a coat sells the finest ales
A wise old goat tells cautionary tales
The hares and hamsters gather at 3
To plot their wicked villainy

Bare witness
Bare witness
A giant keeps an eye on  his fitness

Bare witness
Bare witness
An old man hunts birds with a discus

Nothing else could be so true
When I say the sky is a terrible view
when you see it split in two
And a demonic pupil stares at you

The clock strikes half past one
The parade of zombies has begun
They walk with a lurch to the beat of drum
A giant snake who bows to none
Arrives to spoil the fun
With fangs like pillars
Saints and sinners
Head for the hills and run

With a scaly form both large and long
And a fear inspiring tongue
The tyrant heckles
his enemies
With truly malevolent song

‘The smell of your fear leaves me smiling with delight

even the creatures of the night see me as a terrible sight
They hate me, they slate me, they borderline berate me
But have you heard me lately

Rule this land is what I’ll do
My dreams will come true
When opposed by so few
There is nothing you can do
I’ll make a meal out of you

if evils your addiction
I could be your new Affliction
I’m in the best position
There’s no way I won’t succeed

I’m the sharpest serpent that you could perceive
I got carnivorous charisma
The kind you won’t believe


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