Ingrid’s idea

31 May

I’m so behind its ridiculous but I wanted to put something up just so you know I’m thinking about it. I’ve been reading Grim’s fairytales and trying to find a stimulus from that. The things I picked up on and wanted to use are the way they talk about things like magic clothing, gruesome and shocking acts and talking animals like they are casual, everyday things. I also found the way they use language really interesting for example when they describe a dress as ‘marvelous’ so I wanted to experiment with using words that wouldn’t usually be used to describe things.

So far I have the storyline and a stanza.
Toad hypnotizes neighbour’s child to kill mother by giving him magic powers
Mother is dead on return
Girl sees toad outside again and chases it, the toad doesn’t move. She franticly tramples toad. Neighbour’s child sees and starts crying. Girl comforts child. Child looks into her eyes and hypnotizes her into think thinking she killed her mother.

“I will kill, I will kill, I…”
I looked outside and saw the toad from the pond next door whispering these words
So I shut the window because it was kind of creeping me out.
I went to get breakfast,
greeted my mother who looked like a ripe peach this morning
Then left to catch the bus into town


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