Liaurie say sumthin auditorm

5 Jun


TEC: I wanted  voice recording of the pets in italics   I  am also integrates in playing with lighting filters and colour  and a cordless mic


Mummy –mum – mother

You raised me from the womb
Nursed my battle scars
Tuting at my Clumsy movements
One day I Asked you
Through the furrowed 5 year old brow
Why at school do they say
That my hair isn’t okay
I think they think I am strange
They touch my hair
As you comb through my hair you say

Your hair is s gift from your history
The thickness of your hair represents a battle survived
Each curl passed down from survivors

When I told you they make fun
Of the Hur of my skin you replied

Your skin is a gift from the sun
The rich melanin within you is beauty

I later questions
Why the teachers called me special
Special needs
By the way they Say the words
I know they think I am stupid
You say

Although you think differently to them
You can find a way to explore worlds and words
They could never imagine

You have me strength to defy their predictions

You guided Me through the journey to womanhood
I ask you where do I go from here?
How do I turn away from
All my fears?
What does it mean to be a woman?
You tell me

You are daughter and sister
One day wife and mother
You are strength
Ferocity and gentleness
I embodied my battles
Wear my scars with pride
I will forge my path
To find my own truth

They still touch my hair


One Response to “Liaurie say sumthin auditorm”

  1. MouthyPoets June 9, 2016 at 7:05 pm #

    Hello lovely 🙂 Anne here.
    So – I’m gonna hit you with ‘get rid of cliches!’ I KNOw you have more words int here of your own, I KNOW you can describe the way your 5 year old forehead scrunched up when you asked questions – so don’t give me that “furrowed brow’!!!

    This is a lovely story telling piece – like a childhood bedtime story – How Much Do You Love Me – that kind of thing.
    Show me more about how your mother guided you through the journey to womanhood- tell me some of the stories…

    Remember you will have a whole stage to play with too xx

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