Bridie Draft 3 + Tech

6 Jun

Big screen projected on the back wall of black space, with stars like a universe (like that Microsoft screensaver)

Blackout stage with just face illuminated, a slight blue glow. Floating head, maybe some cat eyes contact lenses.

Need lots of bodies huddled in circles when lights go up. Would be good if all the people huddled had cat masks on. I’d like there to be some muffled conversations there, maybe arguments, I need to work it out. Maybe main speakers and then the rest of the crowd agreeing or repeating words they say.

Sorry, this is still all so rough.

I am trying to convey the internet and its effect on our individualism (I think). Still lots more work to do.

Cats in Space

[Voice-over] You are now entering the internet
Pick the first letter of your first name
This letter corresponds with a word
That is your cat name
The name you would have if you were a cat
That is me. Me. Me. Me.
Time to scroll
Let’s go
5 ways to get fit this summer
You have a new friend request
Who on earth is…
1, 2, 3, more friend requests
People said we could never be friends but.
Captain Snugglemunch wants to connect
Follow, follow, follow
Bright white teeth, flawless skin
Skinny straight white skinny straight hair
Skinny teeth hair white flawless laughing smile
New girlfriend skinny no spots straight teeth
Long hair big tits flash watch
5 ways to get fit this summer
Food porn, word porn, dessert porn, earth porn
Status porn.
Porn porn porn
Pulling up to Planet Sex Scandal
Landing, landing, landing
Do you want to buy a new home?
Click here to complete our survey before you continue.
Abort. Abort.
Ainsley Harriott, Noot Noot, Chris – Simpsons Artist.
Fry-up Police, Humans of, Overheard in.
Life hacks, grilled cheese pizza sandwich in just 5 minutes.
Refugee Bodies Wash Up on European Shore
[Lights up]
Some argument here
[Lights down]
Click here to donate…
Escape. Escape. Escape.
The dog died
Dog died
The dog died. He died.
Someone left him in the middle of the field
Off the side of the motorway
New shoes
Suggested post
Starting a business isn’t easy
Beyonce Breaks The Internet
Slimming yoghurts
Petition against further higher education cost increases
[Lights up]
Some argument here
[Lights down]
Thank you for signing! Click here to donate…
Escape, escape, escape.
Free music downloads
Free makeup voucher code
Free. Free. Free. Free.
Shocking video shows gorilla holding hands with boy
Comment here if you agree
Hashtag. Hashtag.
I want to go h…
I want to go h…
I want to go Home.
Landing page, landing page.
Profile picture, profile picture.
[Voiceover] 10 [/voiceover] ways to
[Voiceover] 9 [/voiceover] ways to
[Voiceover] 8 [/voiceover] ways to
[Voiceover] 7 [/voiceover]  ways to
[Voiceover] 6 [/voiceover] ways to
[Voiceover] 5 [/voiceover] ways to
[Voiceover] 4 [/voiceover] ways to
[Voiceover] 3 [/voiceover] ways to
[Voiceover] 2 [/voiceover] ways to
The last letter of your last name
This letter corresponds with a word
That is your cat’s title name
The title you would have if you were a cat
Captain Snugglemunch, ready for landing sir.

[Lights up, looks around, pokes around the different groups, goes back to the ‘spaceship’ lights down with spotlight on face]

1 way to

[Lights down completely]


2 Responses to “Bridie Draft 3 + Tech”

  1. MouthyPoets June 9, 2016 at 6:58 pm #

    Hi there Bridie, Anne here – rattling through feedback – I feel like you know where you’re going with this…. but if you want some feedback from me drop me a message and I’ll take a look xx

  2. MouthyPoets June 10, 2016 at 1:16 pm #

    Really feel like I need to see and hear this to get the full affect. The pace is bang on which reflects the internet perfectly. Can’t wait to see it. Hayley x

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