Mid – Messages for Chris and Dee

8 Jun

Hey! My facebook account has been restricted for a few days so replying to messages on here for now! (I can still read what anyone sends me, just not respond).

Dee –

Dietary requirements – my diet is incredibly restricted so it’d be a lot easier for everyone if I just brought my own food! (Though some bananas and avocados wouldn’t go amiss 😉 )

Auditorium vs Neville Studio – I’ve been leaving it up to others to choose the performance space that would best match my piece, but Chris has recommended the auditorium so I’ll go with that unless anyone else has any particular feelings otherwise.

Chris – 20th of June is fine for 1-1 shadowing.

Cheers! Sorry for messing up the blog with this. Feel free to delete once read 🙂

Mid x


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