SST11 Young Apostle (Marlon Griffith)

8 Jun

Tech: Small desklike table, chair, clock stand, burning open fireplace projected on a screen behind me, soft spotlight (warm red/orange tone) and if possible crackling wood fire background noise.


I take my pen, and write on paper
The words that illustrates
One's Life
My truth, My Gospel

Dear Diary
Can I talk to you for 1 second?
Cause - that's all I ever needed
For 1 person to stop - and listen
And now that I have your attention
What do I say?
No words can formulate this equation
It's algebra
Replacing I need help with - I'm okay
Subtracting myself with these lies
I - Often wonder
How many times do I have to bleed out
A new addition to this situation
A problem I Need to solve

They say that 93% of all communication
Is non verbal
My tears seem to say it best
I'm hurting
Now my heart is a fraction of what it's supposed to be
Each step I take - is a ratio of 2-1, but
The odds - are not in my favour

If I could turn back the hands of time
Back to the innocence
What would be the differences?
Would I stay in class, Listen to the teacher,
Teaching that mathematics - I'm not talking numbers
I'm talking life
How each action creates a reaction
That's chemistry

I thought formulas were there to solve problems
Not create them
I complicate everything
Like the time I was 15
I divided myself from the pack - now I'm left uneven
On the bases that - if you lay with dogs
You wake up with flees
So I left those dogs - and still caught flees
The maths didn't add right

(I just need to finish the the end of this poem) but this is what I have so far)



One Response to “SST11 Young Apostle (Marlon Griffith)”

  1. MouthyPoets June 9, 2016 at 6:54 pm #

    Hey there – Anne here. I really like the mathematical slant on this – I’m not sure you need Dear Diary at the start – why don’t you just address us, the audience?

    Turning back the hands of time is a cliche though and doesn’t fit with your maths and school – is there a way you can talk about turning back time using school vocabulary, terms, lessons or something to do with maths or science?

    I really like where this is going 🙂

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