SST11 Petra Mijic Draft 3

12 Jun

Recipy for Disaster

1 deceased father

1 unavailable mother

1 isolated depressed child

1 sadistic child molester

Take the isolated child

and place them in

a supposedly safe

educational environment,

and then, in an unsupervised room,

mix them well with

a covertly sadistic child molester.

Make sure to add plenty of

attention, praise and encouragement

to the accessibly vulnerable,

then take one cup full of innocence,

and begin to mould the connection,

making sure to really secure the child’s

trust in the process.

For a fuller flavour, spice well with

a clear intent of misguided direction,

allowing a good few years for the

attraction to rise

and for the attachment to settle.

At this stage, be sure to introduce a

large splash of helplessness

into the mix,

just for good measure.

Next you’ll want to decorate her fate

with a repertoire of rules.

Do not allow the child to talk.

Do not allow the child to leave.

Do not allow the child to understand.


Repeat this process as necessary

carefully folding in

convincing reassurances

and empty promises,

whilst you whisk away

those first precious moments.

Place in a searing oven,

just long enough for the realisation to

sink in,

and for the heart to break into pieces.

To ensure silence, allow to cool until

frozen in fear.

Finish your masterpiece

by coating with

a sickly sweet glaze of denial

and thick heaped layers of victim blame.

To preserve your product,

brand with a derogatory label,

whilst placing in a cold, dark, isolated


Best served chilled.


3 Responses to “SST11 Petra Mijic Draft 3”

  1. MouthyPoets June 16, 2016 at 12:57 pm #

    Hi Petra
    This is very strong and very sad. The premise of a ‘recipe’ works so well as it gives a strange distance to something harrowing and emotional. I only have one suggestion…. it is to take out the word ‘rape’. By naming it, you reduce the power of everything else in the poem, all of which was doing the task of showing us the subject. It is of course a strong word, but we don’t need it, it’s a word that is hovering behind every other word of your poem already….and it is stronger in that position – it makes the words and the reader work harder. It’s strong writing on a very difficult subject, thank you for sharing.

    • MouthyPoets June 16, 2016 at 2:10 pm #

      Hi Hannah,

      I see what you mean, thanks for your feedback. I didnt realise that taking out the word rape would benefit the poem in the way you explained, and now i see why it would, so I shall amend accordingly.


  2. MouthyPoets June 17, 2016 at 3:00 pm #

    Hiya Petra, my names James and I’m taking a work placement here at Mouthy. I really like and enjoy your writing style, this poem was a very temperamental read I felt as though I had to be careful reading this in a way because I was scared something would pop up and make me feel very uncomfortable and maybe even upset but it kept to its very dark and structured path, I also agree with Hannah in the way that you used ‘ingredients’ to make the ‘recipe’ of a child’s feelings and mental and physical emotion in the way in which he is being ‘molested’ or treated.

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