Forking Flames SST Draft 2 by BeaBop

14 Jun

In the heart of the Yucatán
is where she remembers his potency
Where the moon strokes the sun
Seeking the scent of roasted sacrifice
With claws
forking flames

Down the side of castle-pyramid, Kulkucan,
floats a dragon
13* stones high
20 memories wide
Her dragon swims down one pyramid edge
A shadowy serpent
thirsty for human sacrifice

At the belly of the mouth of the well of her
She closes her eyes to receive him
As the sun strikes the moon
his magical flourish of wings
paint red, green and purple feathered oyster scales.
He dives into a cenote, rising to stir a bloody pool of bouquet
spraying her with teasing smiles
A declaration of a 144 thousand Mayan moons

Distracted by her devious beast
She remembers rainbows and meals for two
Of tongues entwined like gold
plated onto silver-filled tacos
Of a pyramid temple they had built together
on a bed of rock and children and harvest

Then, fighting with her own fork
flaming to keep a live legend etched
at her pyramid base
seated on a solid square
She shatters insomnia,
hallucinations filling a solar flare
to pierce her dragons heart

A haemorrhage of petals are released
twinkling from a stemful of strife,
unfolding bills unpaid,
mistrusting iced-dreams
and a catalogue of biblical bleeding lies
His forked tongue created mosaic plans
Each a piece of a fragile duckshell

Now every lunar period
her dragon-spirit visits
and as the sun strokes the moon
an equator of confidence fills her
’til she stands 20 pyramids tall
to watch him dive selflessly
into the cenote
receiving the offer of his sacrifice

(*On a trip between Cancún and Chichén Itzá, in the heart of the Yucatán plains, a Mexican elder told me that Ancient Mayan culture developed the 13 month lunar calendar.  It details how 13 moons x 20 days = 260 days. This is equivalent to the gestation period of babies and that of the harvest.)


One Response to “Forking Flames SST Draft 2 by BeaBop”

  1. MouthyPoets June 17, 2016 at 2:16 pm #

    Hey Bea,

    I absolutely love the idea behind this story, and I was wondering if you were planning to read out the explanation if you were going to perform it? I think it could work either way because the “13 stones high and 20 memories wide” line is so powerful (and my favourite) both with and without the context.

    I love the imagery throughout but I’m a bit confused on the story. I understand that this poem is an extended metaphor for a relationship but I get lost in all the imagery on the actual details of the narrative being told. For example with the “fighting with her own fork” stanza, the actual details of what is going on is lost on me, and also the idea of sacrifice as in I don’t get what she is sacrificing.

    Some final suggestions, I found the opening of the first line jarring and therefore it reduced the impact it needed, could you try possibly shuffling the words around such as “In the heart of the Yucatan, she remembers his potency” ?

    Hope this is helpful,

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