neal pike sst11 final draft

14 Jun

Bent wings skipping voice


wings   oddly  bolted

pulling my  body  in wrong directions


bramble wrapped tongue

scratched words



elders   said

it was   mainly   windless

clouds  that  took   time

i took  time to shift places



I  was diffiernt with  wings  that

Twist when walls don’t whistle warnings

chose  to  sing  with tongues  like  mine

the  word   brave  caused  my  feathers  to recede

being  pushed  backwards

against a crowd of clouds




brave  stroked  my  head  telling  me  I didn’t  have   to

do these  things  like  flying   backwards   or  singing  home written songs

I was brave for this

– – –
brave  for  not   letting   oddly  jointed  wings

fall  to the  nest

brave  for not letting my tongue

stay in its nest of thorns

brave for not  allowing

the word brave to dust

my wings

brave for flying  to  stages

brave for not shutting a mouth that
I should be without

In a world that

uses brave as



to cover

me /people

with wings that join oddly

Or sing  too  quietly

or too loudly

or spill words

that weighted their wings


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