Jahrel Patterson SS11 final draft-success

20 Jun

Jahreal Jahrel
Success. What is it? What’s the real meaning?
One answer can sound uplifting. One answer demeaning.
Success. Why is it always a mention?
From your own triumphs. To your own intervention.
Success. Where does it start? Where does it begin?
When you overcome your losses. Or when you always win.
Success. How is it actually rewarded?
Through money, power or simply being applauded.
So I went around and asked people…Success. What’s your definition?
N’ it was interesting to see/hear peoples very own ambition.
Firstly I asked a few students on the fellow course
And well…a couple said money of course.
So I then asked teachers, DJ’s, producers
Managers, parents as well as my tutors.
And they said…
To be happy is key.
When I’m happy with my achievements and my family,
with my growth and those around me.
Mentally, physically and spiritually”
Now I didn’t ask Will Smith, but most have a pursuit for happiness,
where different experiences and decisions act as a catalyst.
So happiness doesn’t mean a smile so big, there’s no more room,
Whilst skipping down the road arm-in-arm like Dorothy and her goons!
So what does he mean? What is it she really meant?
Well One man put it simple. It’s to be content.

Imagine two elderly men sitting around a table.
Both had fulfilment in life and times where things have been unstable.
They’re both retired…and tired.
Except one hired and the other was hired.
This is because one man was the CEO of NEP enterprises.
Whilst the other man was a sales manager at NEP enterprises.
(who’s more successful?)
One man drives a Ford Fiesta…Not his dream car of choice.
But it does still roll like the other man’s Royce.
(Who’s more successful?)
One man owns a mansion in the hills, LAYING with his 25 year old fiancée,
whilst the other man owns a bungalow, LIVING with his 25 year old marriage.
(Who’s more successful?)
“I don’t want to leave all this behind! I worked for all this…to then have nothing?!
There’s a man in in MY place who got there bluffing!
My fiancée…I know she’ll go for another rich man who’s much younger,
When the day comes, when I’m buried 6 feet under.

And my 10 bedroom mansion, if you saw you’d be in awe…as you stand and stare,
but now in my old age I can barely walk up the stairs!
I tell you what happens, when you make more than a mill.
Absolutely…EVERYONE…wants a mention in your will”
As the one man spoke in fear and began to rattle.
It’s like my father said that being successful at what you DO. Is only half the battle.
“I ain’t made of money, I ain’t got a degree,
But I tell you where I live, no stairs for me.
I worked hard and overtime for many hours,
Over many years and that came with many flowers.
Because at home waiting was those hot dinner plates,
as I was grafting so hard to keep that place.
Now I have my love. And at work earned my respect.
I can lay down and rest.
I’ve had more, I’ve had less, and now I’m content.
I can lay down and rest.”

Is one complete when the end is accepted? As It’s difficult to accept the unknown.
is that why it’s easier to look at other people outcomes…that it is our very own?
Is that why we put people in certain positions on a pedal stool.
Ricky Gervais said that in this country we tend to say ‘it can’t be you.’
Why we obsess over celebrating lives of people we call celebrities.
LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE. Be grateful for your own achievements and abilities.
I believe to ANY success…you must get your foot in A door.
And if there’s a KEY to success…better go find that door.
Without walking through you’ll never know where that door proceeded.
So what is success…?
I guess you’ll find out when YOU’VE succeeded.

2 Responses to “Jahrel Patterson SS11 final draft-success”

  1. MouthyPoets June 21, 2016 at 12:03 am #

    Jahrel, the narrative as a missive is strong. For some reason, you will look back at this poem in 6 months and want to strip it back. For now, the rhythm makes for a great way to take this look at the themes addressed. ‘Pedal stool’ I think can be changed to ‘pedestal’. You are quite physical when you perform in the space. Will you move alot with mic or stay still on the mic? Understanding the dense content of the piece may get lost if you do this. Think about how you might adjust this. Well done on your Mouthy Poet blog debut! BeaBop

    • MouthyPoets June 21, 2016 at 7:43 pm #

      Thanks, yes I forgot to change to pedestal lol. And regarding performance wise it is ever changing and you’ll have to see I guess hard to explain on here. Thank you though for taking the time out to reply

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