Liaurie tec

22 Jun

TEC recording on mums voice. Microphone     Soft spotlight


Mummy –mum – mother You raised me from the womb Nursed my battle scars
Tuting at my Clumsy movements One day I Asked you
Through the furrowed 5 year old brow Why at school do they say That my hair isn’t okay
I think they think I am strange They touch my hair
As you comb through my hair you say Your hair is s gift from your history The thickness of your hair represents a battle survived Each curl passed down from survivors When I told you they make fun Of the Hur of my skin you replied Your skin is a gift from the sun The rich melanin within you is beauty I later questions
Why the teachers called me special Special needs
By the way they Say the words I know they think I am stupid You say
Although you think differently to them You can find a way to explore worlds and words They could never imagine You have me strength to defy their predictions You guided Me through the journey to womanhood I ask you where do I go from here? How do I turn away from
All my fears?
What does it mean to be a woman? You tell me
You are daughter and sister One day wife and mother You are strength
Ferocity and gentleness

I embodied my battles
Wear my scars with pride I will forge my path
To find my own truth
They still touch my hair


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