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SST11 1DEA – Debris Stevenson

26 Apr

As a lot of you know I am working on #poetindacorner at the moment, an EP then ALBUM using he poetic techniques of Dizzee Rascal’s first album Boy in da Corner. I have 4 tracks under my belt so far, for SST11 I really want to work on I Luv U or Jezebel as a platform of exploring the narrative archs/ dynamics we are used to between the courting of men and women.

SST 11 Idea BeaBop Forking Flames

24 Apr

(For St. George’s Day 2016. I am playing with the theme of a dragon and loss and heat.)

Last night I played with fire

Stood on a mountain of twigs charring

Keen to dance energy into ice-aged hearts

Spinning yarn lacking usual sparring

Drunk on memories thronging

I tip-toed Azonto to loss and longing

Amid smoked photos and stories big

Their words began a frivolous Derby jig

All awhile their eyes pricked

Bearing holes into decades of paper shavings

From family trees

Barren of fruit

But full of the flame seed

I planted a seed on the topmost twig

It toppled to invisible depths

I rested on the tail of a dragon

Reached into his abyss

and stoked the flames

Teasing lies that were full of gasses

I can no longer love the way you used

Can I love longer? No, you used the way

Love used me way longer I can breathe

No longer can I breathe love your way

I used to breathe love in as you inspired

Breathe inspired love in as you used I to

Balloon my image above your own like deity

Above your balloon image

Love inspires breathe I used to

Used breathe to linger on lobes

filled with love

Pops out to

you used to your dragons breath

The heat you used to

He used me

To destroy myself

And laughed in the face of the dragon

I rose up and bearing teeth holding back the rancid gasses of futile years

I love this Idea number4 ss10 Raisa

14 Dec

Light line

I’m holding
Up my right arm
The life
Squashed against the
Of my
In this cold climitised
Holding up my right arm
With hands
and fingers stretched
Over and out
As though trying
Hold hands with the moon
Will save me.
Or save us…
It’s 4 am and the streets
are lonly
Just like the single beat of
My heart missing the beat of another’s
Pulsating calmly,gently
Why does it feel
More safer
At this time of night/morning?
Where most uneducated
Street wize persons
would be
Freaking out
dodging there own
Reflective shadows
Jumping at the own
sound of their breathing.
just strive by
the night belongs to
Is what it feels like
Allyways become storey tales
Doorways become beds…
Anxiety becomes a mouse.
Whilst I’m sensitive to sound
My pupils like huge binoculars
Adrenaline gets a journey beside me.
My energy is abundant to the
Spacious energy.
No one but me
Walking on the streets
But the creatures of the
Like me
I guess we both share something
This is talking about homelessness. How being or imaging how someone who feels safer on there own. Knowing that it’s not normal to society but it’s become normal to them. They may not be completely homeless as in sleeping on the streets full time but it’s more of a lifestyle for them. They find likeness and light in there own company. And comfort at night time. I am inlove with this one

Jeiran SST10 Idea

3 Dec

Okay so this video is AMAZING. It’s beautiful, sweet, gentle, and experimental. Almost, docile. Anyway I really really adore the use of projection in this video. I think I definitely want to use it in my own piece.

*also very lightly considering making a filmed piece instead of performed

Here  is also a doodle:


Really explicitly thinking about all the lights I could use, I really like thinking about the non conventional lighting. The one that really sticks out for me are the fairy lights, as they link back to the sweetness of the first video too.