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Stephen writes: How to layout your poem for the Technical Script.

14 Feb

When we put on shows for Mouthy Poets we are usually provided with a technician who has never been to a Friday session. Whilst members of the group may be familiar with how the show is coming together, what it is about, who plans to do what; the technician will be largely unversed in the set-up of the show. They may know what we need (e.g. a smoke machine) but they don’t necessarily know when and where it is needed. As they will be sat in the tech booth on the night pushing the buttons as the show goes on, it is vital they have as clear a picture as possible of what we want and what they need to do. With this in mind, we create the technical script.

The technical script should map out each poem in its entirety as clearly as possible: staging, lighting, dialogue, etc. Obviously, if your performance entails very little movement or technicality then the script will not be too complex, but it is still important to get the little that you do have in there. As you are e-mailing your final drafts to tomorrow we also ask that you send your poem – formated into a script – to, too.

Please write your script in Times New Roman and include YOUR NAME AND POEM TITLE IN UPPER CASE BOLD SIZE 14YOUR TECHNICAL NOTES IN RED UPPER CASE SIZE 12YOUR STAGING NOTES IN ITALIC SIZE 12, and your script in standard size 12. If you are unsure of the definitive staging you will use, please leave line breaks at relevant places so that these can be written on by hand once the script is printed.

As an example, here is the scripted version of mine and Cleo’s performance of ‘Ducks’ from Say Sum Thin 7:



MALE: I’m a duck
swimming in the water.
I’m a duck,
I like lakes not seas.

All my friends try to tell me
“fly south for the winter”
But I don’t care, cuz I’m alright
with the lake I’ve got here.

I’m a duck,
my friends say I’m stubborn,
but I’m just a happy little mallard
where I am in Nottingham.


FEMALE: I’m a duck;
I fly south for the winter,
So fly with me if you want to keep warm!

Fly south with me;
fly south for the winter!
I think this year we’re headed
to the Mississippi river.


FEMALE: It’s actually,
pretty fun and wicked –
We soar over coastlines and mountains
and navigate with help from the stars!


MALE: You’re a duck…

FEMALE: I’m a duck!

MALE: …and you’re pretty fit.
So I might…

BOTH: Fly south for a bit!


Please e-mail your scripted poem to Afrah at by tomorrow (Sunday, 15th February) ATTACHED TO THE E-MAIL AS A SEPARATE DOCUMENT.

University of Debris (Mouthy Education)

27 Jun

I have thoroughly enjoyed my week of work experience at Mouthy and having a full insight into how it works.

From rivalling the powers of Splendour to braving workshops in Mansfield and all the flyer ing with Josh in between, this week has definitely been memorable. I’ve learnt about the weird wonder of marketing and how we are categorised as audiences, how much effort and organisation goes into putting on shows like Say Sum’ Thin’ 7 and that there’s a whole world behind writing. Everyone I’ve met has been so talented and supportive, it’s helped me so much with opening my mind to writing outside of the classroom and what direction I might go in after school.

I would like to thank Josh and Stephen who supported me through the week as well as Charlotte and Debris who took so much time to help me, the Writing East Midlands team, The Mouthy Poets and Nottingham Playhouse.


By the end of the Work Experience!

By the end of the Work Experience!


Say Sum Thin 6 Photo Album!

27 Mar

Say Sum Thin 6 Photo Album!

A feast for the eyes as well as the ears! Click through to see the full album.

~Bez, Creative Admin Placement

Designer=Honey, Client=Mouthy, I give you the ‘6 Step Design Process’

28 Feb

Say Sum Thin 6 beckons….

#Mouthy Poets head honcho creator #DeborahStevenson gives me the call to design the promotional artwork for the show, this time its a flyer.
Who am I? I hear you ask…. Well I’m Honey Williams, one of the Mouthy Poets also a Freelance Graphic Designer/ Illustrator amongst other things (my pseudonym is The Pickyheads) and I’m normally called upon to create artwork for Mouthy events.
‘The Design Process’ may be a thing of mystery to some, so Im here to de-mystify any illusions or myths about this simple process….(well the simplicity of the process depends on if the client knows what they want or not).
If the client says that they want their design to look ‘nice’ its then that you need to worry.
 Every designer is different but whatever a service a designer offers you will go a little something like this…

DESIGN PROCESS: 6 Step Design Process

Designer: Honey, Client: 'Mouthy', I give you the '6 Step Design Process'


STEP 1: Contact Designer


Contact Designer –brief outline of what you want, arrange a time/place for a consultation

STEP 2: Consultation (Meeting)


  • Define what you or your organisation does
  • Define What your niche market is
  • Clearly communicate what you want in more detail
  • All info is gathered in order to help create a design brief (usually created by client)


  • The Designer may be able give you a quote and job time span then and there or may need to go way and think about it and come back to you with a definitive answer.

STEP 3: Design Brief


Write a design brief and email it to the designer along with anything else you feel may be helpful.


The designer will let you know if this is clear to them or not.

STEP 4:  Payment


  • The Designer will send you quote and job time span.
  • The Designer will send an invoice


  • 50% of the agreed fee will be paid to the Designer and the designer will not start designing until that day.

STEP 5: Design Ideas/ Options


  • The Designer will send you an initial design idea option for you to see within a period (depending on the scale of the design job.)


  • Client needs to let the Designer know whether they are happy with the direction the design is going in or not.

[This step may involve some back and forth communication]



  • The Designer will send you a Hi Resolution file of your design by the agreed deadline.


  • The remaining 50% to be paid upon completion.

If you are in doubt about anything, need to make change please contact the designer as soon as you can and likewise if the Designer is unclear about something they should contact you a.s.a.p.

Designers may charge you for alterations/ changes.

phew! thats it.

See the finished flyer here…. and whilst you’re at it feel free to buy a ticket!

Promoting Say Sum Thin 6!

20 Feb

Say Sum Thin 6 is getting close! We want every seat filled and every performer at the top of their game, so here is a list of open mic opportunities between now and SST6.

You can go and practise performing in front of a crowd, cheer other local poets along, flyer the gigs, talk to the people there and tell them about SST6 and why they should go! Basically make some noise about Mouthy on the poetry scene and push to sell out both nights. Going in groups is a good idea to fill up performance slots and talk to as many people as possible about the upcoming shows.


Open Mic at the Golden Fleece pub Monday 24th February. Arrive at 8pm to sign up lasts until 10.30-11pm. 18+ location. The Golden Fleece105 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FN
Open Mic at Jam Cafe Wednesday 26th February. Arrive 8.30pm to sign up for a 15 minute slot, starts at 9pm. JamCafé
12 Heathcote Street
 NG1 3AA
Phone0115 948 3566
SPEECH THERAPY: Spoken-word night and open mic with MIGGY ANGEL & JOHN MARRIOTT Thursday 27th February, arrive 8pm to book a slot, starts 8.30pm. £3 entry, might be 18+. The Guitar Bar, Hotel Deux
Address2 Clumber Avenue
Open Mic at the Golden Fleece pub Monday 3rd March. Arrive at 8pm to sign up lasts until 10.30-11pm. 18+ location. The Golden Fleece105 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FN
Open Mic at the Maze Wednesday 5th March. Arrive 7.30pm or a little earlier to sign up for a slot. 16+ event. The Maze
257 Mansfield Road
 NG1 3FT
Open Mic at Jam Cafe Wednesday 5th March. Arrive 8.30pm to sign up for a 15 minute slot, starts at 9pm.

12 Heathcote Street
 NG1 3AA
Phone0115 948 3566

If you want to perform at something different or in the daytime, get a group together and get in touch with Lee Rosy’s and Alley Cafe, who are both open to organising poetry events.

Lee Rosy’s

contact:     address: Lee Rosy’s Tea, 17 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AJ

Alley Cafe

contact:; 01159551013     address:  1a Cannon Court, Nottingham, NG1 6JE

Let us know where you go – take flyers with you, share it on Facebook/twitter and spread the word about SST6!

Important info for SST6

17 Feb

With Say Sum Thin 6 fast approaching, I have attached a document containing all the important information for the lead up to the events and also the technical requirements form . If you are in the Commission show and you have not yet given Stephen your requirements, please make sure you do ASAP! Looking forward to hearing you! Stay Mouthy x

Tech requirements SST6 Commission

Say Sum Thin 6 Important Information

Meeting The Interns

24 Jan

ommunication was the hot topic during the new Mouthy Poets Intern’s meeting

riginal artwork was created to reflect fears, hopes and excitements of the project

yself and Honey decided that we are most look forward to innovating new forms of communication …

ore social media tactics

ltimately learning more and consolidating creative communication knowledge.

ottingham Writers’ Studio provided a great meeting and planning space

n teams and individually we thought about how we can work with all of the fantastic and talented people around us

alling upon others experiences for advice was a tip that proved to be helpful to us all – try it!

nd keep checking the posts as we will be sharing what we learn!

To try a drawing like ours below, think of your fears and excitements relating to communication and link them to the part of the body they are          suited to

njoy learning more about how you communicate, and what you could do to be more effective!