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Say Sum Thin 6 Photo Album!

27 Mar

Say Sum Thin 6 Photo Album!

A feast for the eyes as well as the ears! Click through to see the full album.

~Bez, Creative Admin Placement

Designer=Honey, Client=Mouthy, I give you the ‘6 Step Design Process’

28 Feb

Say Sum Thin 6 beckons….

#Mouthy Poets head honcho creator #DeborahStevenson gives me the call to design the promotional artwork for the show, this time its a flyer.
Who am I? I hear you ask…. Well I’m Honey Williams, one of the Mouthy Poets also a Freelance Graphic Designer/ Illustrator amongst other things (my pseudonym is The Pickyheads) and I’m normally called upon to create artwork for Mouthy events.
‘The Design Process’ may be a thing of mystery to some, so Im here to de-mystify any illusions or myths about this simple process….(well the simplicity of the process depends on if the client knows what they want or not).
If the client says that they want their design to look ‘nice’ its then that you need to worry.
 Every designer is different but whatever a service a designer offers you will go a little something like this…

DESIGN PROCESS: 6 Step Design Process

Designer: Honey, Client: 'Mouthy', I give you the '6 Step Design Process'


STEP 1: Contact Designer


Contact Designer –brief outline of what you want, arrange a time/place for a consultation

STEP 2: Consultation (Meeting)


  • Define what you or your organisation does
  • Define What your niche market is
  • Clearly communicate what you want in more detail
  • All info is gathered in order to help create a design brief (usually created by client)


  • The Designer may be able give you a quote and job time span then and there or may need to go way and think about it and come back to you with a definitive answer.

STEP 3: Design Brief


Write a design brief and email it to the designer along with anything else you feel may be helpful.


The designer will let you know if this is clear to them or not.

STEP 4:  Payment


  • The Designer will send you quote and job time span.
  • The Designer will send an invoice


  • 50% of the agreed fee will be paid to the Designer and the designer will not start designing until that day.

STEP 5: Design Ideas/ Options


  • The Designer will send you an initial design idea option for you to see within a period (depending on the scale of the design job.)


  • Client needs to let the Designer know whether they are happy with the direction the design is going in or not.

[This step may involve some back and forth communication]



  • The Designer will send you a Hi Resolution file of your design by the agreed deadline.


  • The remaining 50% to be paid upon completion.

If you are in doubt about anything, need to make change please contact the designer as soon as you can and likewise if the Designer is unclear about something they should contact you a.s.a.p.

Designers may charge you for alterations/ changes.

phew! thats it.

See the finished flyer here…. and whilst you’re at it feel free to buy a ticket!

Emily Franklin & Debris – Commission Show 4th Draft

22 Feb

Length Approx: 8min



Technical/production/staging annotations

Toy Mothers & Crocodiles


Lights: blue wash and spotlight center stage on two chairs facing the audience. Rest of stage can only be seen in shadow.


Tech: Guitar Amp and two mics on stands in front of chairs.


Set: Tables and chairs in prison visiting room format.

Emily walks in and sits on one of the two chairs.


Percussion rhythm played out by Emily.


Deborah walks in (potentially in a prison outfit) and sits next to Emily – patting stops momentarily.


Your mum was…

It wasn’t my…

We really tried to…

Your mum

–      was a lot like a crocodile.



My mother bought my father a toy boat when I was younger, younger,

My mother bought my father a toy boat when I was younger, younger,

Patting continues throughout.

Which is funny because…

When I am in prison,

I have this recurring dream

about shagging with  a crocodile.

Definitely a crocodile

not an alligator. Because

she had teeth in her lower jaw – that’s important.

I think….

It looked just like the one, he had wanted when he was myyyyy age.

This dream actually provides a fascinating opportunity to look into our past –

Something I’m not usually good at. Making love to this crocodile

My … you know… they feel empowered: I’m a living relic of prehistoric times.

The boat sat on my mother’s dressing table

It had an adjustable mizzen mast,

adjustable mizzen mast

adjustable mizzen mast

mizzen mast

Crocadiles mate in shallow water,

sometimes in a threshing frenzy,

at this part in the dream,

I often think your mother,

Or my own…

 When I wondered out of the closet

Looking for my birthday presents

Finding only sexual lubricants

I saw…

The red lamp shade make everything my favourite colour

The crocodile hauls herself

onto the bank and digs. There is a large crack –

it’s my confidence falling out of my arse,

It’s the consistency of Nesquik

and it smells off and  it falls

around our one precious egg.

 Screams came from the kitchen sometimes

mummy and daddy playing love crimes

Once hatched, the young is tossed into the air

(this is my favorite part of the dream)

 Gimme a bit of baby love

gimme a bit of baby love

We crawl and claw into each others love

And I can still smell the blood

  I sat watching cartoons

Mama sat smoking in the kitchen

We begin to argue:

 Gimme a bit of baby love

gimme a bit of baby love

She blames me for not digging the egg deep enough in the mud.

She tells me the baby is our future and I don’t believe her.

I don’t really know

where my hands should go

when I die, when I die.

I’ve been thinking kinda recently

I should try and live a better life.

In Africa, the Nile crocodile accounts

for more human deaths than any other carnivore.

Seizing its prey at the shallow waters edge.

Gripping and rotating its body

to tear off huge chunks of flesh.

At this point I think of our mums again.

Or maybe the sex at the beginning of the dream.

 I want you to eat me like a hamster eats its babies

Its’s babies

I want you to eat me like a hamster eats its babies

It’s babies

I want you to tie me up

I don’t give a flying duck about me

About me

You don’t understand –

sometimes my lovers attacks me.

I am dead –


wedged underwater on a ledge

or tree trunk to rot for days.

Help me baby help me, I don’t think I can die alone

Help me baby help me, I don’t think I can die alone

A crocodile eats all its prey;

bones, hooves and antlers.

It swallows pebbles deliberately

To mash and digest the food.

No man I have ever met has been

So tactical or considerate. Have you?

 (I look at you weirdly)

Why are you looking at me like that?

Like I’m trying to shag your freezer,

or a daffodil, or your mum? Didn’t you know?

Help me baby help me, I don’t think I can die alone

Help me baby help me, I don’t think I can die alone

Oh, Ohhhhh mmmm.

My mamma got kissed by a flying fist

Crocadiles are the closest living relatives to birds,

chicks, women, whatever you want to call them

Patting stops.

They are all primitively terrifying in appearance

And I want them back.

Emily & Debris look at each other for 10 seconds.

Lights: fade.

Promoting Say Sum Thin 6!

20 Feb

Say Sum Thin 6 is getting close! We want every seat filled and every performer at the top of their game, so here is a list of open mic opportunities between now and SST6.

You can go and practise performing in front of a crowd, cheer other local poets along, flyer the gigs, talk to the people there and tell them about SST6 and why they should go! Basically make some noise about Mouthy on the poetry scene and push to sell out both nights. Going in groups is a good idea to fill up performance slots and talk to as many people as possible about the upcoming shows.


Open Mic at the Golden Fleece pub Monday 24th February. Arrive at 8pm to sign up lasts until 10.30-11pm. 18+ location. The Golden Fleece105 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FN
Open Mic at Jam Cafe Wednesday 26th February. Arrive 8.30pm to sign up for a 15 minute slot, starts at 9pm. JamCafé
12 Heathcote Street
 NG1 3AA
Phone0115 948 3566
SPEECH THERAPY: Spoken-word night and open mic with MIGGY ANGEL & JOHN MARRIOTT Thursday 27th February, arrive 8pm to book a slot, starts 8.30pm. £3 entry, might be 18+. The Guitar Bar, Hotel Deux
Address2 Clumber Avenue
Open Mic at the Golden Fleece pub Monday 3rd March. Arrive at 8pm to sign up lasts until 10.30-11pm. 18+ location. The Golden Fleece105 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FN
Open Mic at the Maze Wednesday 5th March. Arrive 7.30pm or a little earlier to sign up for a slot. 16+ event. The Maze
257 Mansfield Road
 NG1 3FT
Open Mic at Jam Cafe Wednesday 5th March. Arrive 8.30pm to sign up for a 15 minute slot, starts at 9pm.

12 Heathcote Street
 NG1 3AA
Phone0115 948 3566

If you want to perform at something different or in the daytime, get a group together and get in touch with Lee Rosy’s and Alley Cafe, who are both open to organising poetry events.

Lee Rosy’s

contact:     address: Lee Rosy’s Tea, 17 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AJ

Alley Cafe

contact:; 01159551013     address:  1a Cannon Court, Nottingham, NG1 6JE

Let us know where you go – take flyers with you, share it on Facebook/twitter and spread the word about SST6!

Top Nine Feedback Points from SST6 Drafts

18 Feb

The idea of feedback and helpful criticism has been really hot at Mouthy the last week. So here is a collection of Deb’s common feedback points given on the SST6 poems. Think about these when writing or redrafting your poems to get them as tight as possible!

1) Form and Concision.

Look at every stanza in your poem as a unit of meaning; an image, an event, a tone – each new stanza changes the event, meaning, image or tone and looking at line breaks a highlighting elements on these. This enables you to cut out repetition, tighten up images, reorder sentences and ask yourself – what do I actually mean here or what is the most important point in this unit? Is this unit important at all?

If your poem feels unwieldly, like it’s got more words or longer sentences than it needs, try playing around with a more rigid stanza formation.

2) Word Choices.

Get out the thesaurus and ask yourself if there are more accurate/original options for words – this gives you the opportunity to out every word in the thesaurus and make sure you have chosen the best, most rhythmic for your poem. Each word has slightly different tones and add a layer of impact to the poem. Spending more time over word choices will help you tighten up certain phrases and images.

No clichés! You have a unique set of experiences and perspectives which people want to see in your poems! If you find yourself using a word-out phrases, challenge yourself and ask  – what do I really mean? Then brainstorm some alternative metaphors, similes and images. You can also try to put each word of the cliché in the thesaurus and come up with a more accurate and original alternative.

3) So What?

What’s the point of including this? This is a question poets and performers have to ask themselves a lot. Maybe a free write explaining this would help you pin it down. Or try drawing a diagram of use different characters and images in your poem and what they represent to you. Another thing you can do is work in small details that allude to a bigger picture of what the poem is about or its central metaphor. This is especially important at the beginning and ending of your poem.

4) Choosing a Title.

Read this post about the different purposes of a title. After reading this, make a short list of ten titles, then you can go back to them after editing your poem again. You could talk to other people about which they think works best or even set up a Facebook voting poll to choose the right one.

5)  Get Specific.

Instead of using undefined ideas or ambiguous sentences, give specifics. ”Stop what you’re doing” – what are they doing? The washing up, scratching their arse, drinking their macchiato…? A specific reference will tell the audience more about what kind of poem you are creating.

Try to show instead of tell, through images and examples. For instance, rather than saying ‘she is losing him’ replace the generalisation with examples – “she is forgetting the smell of the toast he makes her”, “she is losing the creases in the shirts he washed for her”.

6) Poetry Doesn’t Have to Rhyme.

Watch out for rhymes. It’s easy to get caught up and be lead by the rhyme rather than the meaning, which sounds lovely but can make the meaning not so clear. Have a look at your strong rhyming sections and ask yourself: is this what I really mean? Are these the most accurate words for my feelings/story or am I just choosing them because they rhyme? Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme – go for words which convey exactly what you want to mean rather than have a particular sound.

7) Grammar.

Consistent what tense and person perspective you are writing in. Make sure it stays consistent throughout, unless it is completely deliberate and changes for poetic effect. If you want to carry a sense of immediacy and personal honesty, stay in the first person. Also

8) Cutting.

If you have really strong particular lines or images, consider cutting out some of the less strong ones to let the vital parts shine and be taken in by your audience.

9)  Characters

If your poem is very long or has lots of different characters, this can be confusing for an audience especially if you use a lot of ‘he’ or ‘she’ or ‘they’. Try drawing a diagram of the different characters and the relationship between them or bullet point the action of the poem. Then redraft your poem to make sure these are clear from what you’ve written. Ask other people to listen and check that they’ve understood so you know your audience will follow.

~ feedback by Debs, compiled and edited by the Creative Placements

SST6 Tech Deadline 11th February

9 Feb

Hi all,

Some of you may have provided this info already in a previous  Mouthy session but if everyone could all please message me below detailing their tech requirements:

  • List of desired lighting, music and sound requirements.
  • Any images or footage you want

This is needed by 7pm on Tuesday 11th February – please make sure that you adhere to this deadline to ensure that your requests can be taken into consideration.

Thank you

Bree 🙂

Hayley Green Final Draft – Commission

8 Feb

Run time: 2 minutes 30 but likely to be 3 minutes with performance.

FYI – I’ve been trying to edit this post to show my stanzas but it keeps reformatting so now there is a * between them

Sins of Nature

On average more rams are gay than humans

but alternative sexual orientation

is a sin against nature


Nature increases understanding

but countries enforce laws;

men are sheep and women are whores


And we should be proud;

we’re more advanced than species before us,

so why aren’t apes starting wars?


If same sex penguins raise chicks in zoos

then why must equivalent kisses

leave our lips blue and bruised?


Birds sing love songs through trees

but we shout dyke across nightclubs,

beating queens until they bleed.


We stand and watch

as humans chuck chewing gum

in hair for being too pink.


Flamingos don’t fling shit

in feathers for being too gay –

they don’t commit colours to anatomy.


Lesbians no longer wear pink

‘cause the first girl they smiled at

stole their vagina with their kiss;


Paraded it around the school yard –

fresh meat and a spicy dip

for the boys to test their chips before


raping their way through populations

polluted by homosexuals of the state

and without hesitation


governments are quick

to bury truths in the sand –

the way flamingos bury their heads.


But the revolution is upon us

and animals are out of the closet!

No more


No more correction therapists

flushing heads down toilets

spouting footnotes about religion


or statements about

penetrating straight into our heads –

it’s our choice who we let between our legs.


We’re not a sin, we’re not a waste

and this is not the time to try and taste

the rainbow through our face.


No more tripping over partner

when we actually mean girlfriend,

cause parent’s told us it’s just a trend


and that’s the reason

boys try to prick thistles with

‘real man’ documentation


Well of course we’re only looking for a threesome

We’re just test tube vaginas

for ‘experimental’ women


I’ve got news

We can be normal again

all it takes is consideration


Realisation that lesbian

Means homosexual woman

And we’re still human


So let us lock lips

because the sheep aren’t bleating

pecca conta naturam.


We’re the smartest species

so stop all this ignorance

take evolution out of reverse.


Or put us back in the jungle –

at least there

no one called us perverse.


And I thought I’d include some possible images that I’ve been playing around with…

gay penguins Bird nighclub  gay giraffes tase the rainbow  gay sheep homophobia