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BeaBop: Tribute (SST10 Final Draft)

28 Jan


She lived for that green
the shade that bled the sun through
tall stems full
of the stuff of life
laying foundations in the moss
cultivating a kind of eco-festival
full of cool, hip-for-you stuff
She hailed from Masaka in royal Uganda
she whispered evergreen national parks
wore celebrations piled atop afro coils
a silent disco danced behind cocoa eyes
and like a sister
yet more a daughter, she wrapped me in tribute
Pursing lips to my dimples

Once, I thought I had jailed my chance
to mother after severing myself from a house
full of too many women
growing big for their boobs
I kicked the dirt and left my idea of family
to flap in the cross-winds
in a pea-green boat
She was the road sign green
that directed me back to motherhood
back when truth was wedged
between puberty and middle classdom
a detour made through males too old to be boys
I would hide my dreams behind
a padlocked Brady Bunch

Her face was the key
opening the old fashioned golden door
a beacon for folk to stay awhile
empty their souls
rest up and ease lines
carved across play dough
whilst sharing a little philosophy
Her voice was the architect
plucking my dimples
to loosen my shadows
The chef: pressing jerk, pimento
scotch bonnet, garlic cloves
into my middle
seasoning me for motherhood
She loved the little bit of apple mixed with olive
the kind that took the edge off a hard day
of walking wards
in worn-in clogs
her uniform a starched green
the type that made you stand to attention

Or hide your boyfriends attitude
until he wanted to do the right thing
all by himself

And she would call me


Now she whispers to me

And I mother a handful now
using those tints
of her cool, hip-for-you, stuff of life


Jeiran SST10 Idea

3 Dec

Okay so this video is AMAZING. It’s beautiful, sweet, gentle, and experimental. Almost, docile. Anyway I really really adore the use of projection in this video. I think I definitely want to use it in my own piece.

*also very lightly considering making a filmed piece instead of performed

Here  is also a doodle:


Really explicitly thinking about all the lights I could use, I really like thinking about the non conventional lighting. The one that really sticks out for me are the fairy lights, as they link back to the sweetness of the first video too.