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First Day, First Impressions

13 Apr

So my first day at Mouthy had me thrown right on into it and I was helping you guys pick out a theme for Say Sum Thin 9 despite the fact I’ve never been to a Say Sum Thin – I would’ve come to no. 8 but work got me for the scratch and Jungle @ Rock City for the headline!

Got to say, for my first impressions of a Mouthy workshop I was blown away by how friendly and on it all you guys were. Some of you had amazing things to say about the things you write and that informed the later discussion about Say Sum Thin 9’s theme. Though the Bermuda Triangle was a great idea, something everyone could really get lost in (ha, get it?), there was overwhelming support for having the show centre on Pride, seeing as Say Sum Thin happens to be the same day as Nottingham Pride. Everyone was throwing ideas into the mix regarding this plan; what got me most excited about coming to Mouthy every week is that no one seemed left out, and finding a group with that sort of dynamic is a hard thing to come by I can tell you.

More importantly, for me anyway, the quality of the writing you guys did within such a short space of time was excellent. I was embarrassed to share what I’d written in the same time, it really wasn’t in the same ball park. Makes me only look forward to next week’s session all the more!

So although some of you lot are going to be in Germany next week (and the best of luck to you while you’re out there!) I’m mega looking forward to seeing what happens this Friday coming. Thanks for being so welcoming that first evening and I’ll see you guys soon!