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What I learnt from the mouthy poets

28 Aug

Hello its ‘E’ again (aka Ezekiel 😀 doing work experience with Mouthy), in my previous blog I wrote down things I wanted to learn from Mouthy – I decided to show you how I learned them through the apt mode of poetry!  😀 

Time Travellers

They set to work with such determination.The speed at which they work; locked in a world only to come out when done, but they don’t realise it.

Start with the speed of a tornado
clearing and defeating all obstacles.

Unlimited ambitions and imaginations.
Lock up in a different world.Only to come out when the job is done.

The force behind the tornado, driving it.
Wait.Stop.No way! confusion emerges
Striking foolishly without mercy; all cells in the eyes, frozen as you stare.

Time goes by as the light shines on your faces.
The work is done, embrace yourself welcome back to the world.

The cycle starts again the next morning (maybe it will change the world one day).
They are submerged in a struggle to keep their eyes open as the cells tire helplessly but they strive to complete and so they do and I too.

by Ezekiel A Gbadeyan

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Leave a comment, or maybe write a poem of your own – what have you learned? 



University of Debris (Mouthy Education)

27 Jun

I have thoroughly enjoyed my week of work experience at Mouthy and having a full insight into how it works.

From rivalling the powers of Splendour to braving workshops in Mansfield and all the flyer ing with Josh in between, this week has definitely been memorable. I’ve learnt about the weird wonder of marketing and how we are categorised as audiences, how much effort and organisation goes into putting on shows like Say Sum’ Thin’ 7 and that there’s a whole world behind writing. Everyone I’ve met has been so talented and supportive, it’s helped me so much with opening my mind to writing outside of the classroom and what direction I might go in after school.

I would like to thank Josh and Stephen who supported me through the week as well as Charlotte and Debris who took so much time to help me, the Writing East Midlands team, The Mouthy Poets and Nottingham Playhouse.


By the end of the Work Experience!

By the end of the Work Experience!