Charlie SST11 idea

29 Apr



Anne SST first draft

16 Dec

Come and See

It started with a leg of lamb and cooking times and boys at the pub and catching them up and half pint of cider and no mobile in pocket and message relayed by child and guilt oak-aged in a cask and memory of hurt and feeling of trapped and love like a choke-hold and tears that burn and cold that helps and arms that hold and hands that stroke and wishes whispered and howl to the sky and desire to be lone and knowledge of duty and weight of responsibility and unbearable bearing and calm.

Outside sipping chocolate ale

he saw a star shoot across the sky

come and see he called

and we all came back outside

and saw

and we were the best that we could possibly be.


Nadia -SST10

4 Dec



Say Sum Thin 6 Photo Album!

27 Mar

Say Sum Thin 6 Photo Album!

A feast for the eyes as well as the ears! Click through to see the full album.

~Bez, Creative Admin Placement

Image 11 Jan



What to Read?

20 Dec

What to Read?

We recently went on an Arvon course and this is the reading list poet, Pascal Petit gave us, feel free to have a look…


Stephen Ashburn – SST6 Ideas

20 Dec

Stephen Ashburn - SST6 Ideas

I (Debris) am posting this for Stephen, these are his initial scribblings and music score that he will be playing to accompany it.

The subject will either be dementia in general or specifically his grandfather and his experience of the disease.

photo-3 copy