Top 5 Purposes of a Title…

29 Jan

A lot of Mouthy’s have been asking for support in finding a Title for the Say Sum Thin 4 poem. Some advice that really helped me came from the head of the MA in Creative Writing at Loughborough, Kerry Featherstone. (With a couple tweeks from Debris).

So I shall now share this advice with you. Here are 5 potential purposes for a Title:

1) To draw attention to the the circumstances of how/when the poem was created, but don’t reveal much about the content: “Poem in October”

2) Give a sense of explanation or context to the poem: “The Diary of Adrian Mole”

3) Intrigue the potential reader with a phrase or image: “Hydrodaktulopsychicharmonica”

4) Undercut/be ironic about possible subject/genre: “The Single Woman’s Guide to a Happy Marriage”.

5) Use a line or image from the poem which represents the poem as a whole: “Half-Caste” 

I hope this is helpful in some way?



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