Ancient Paths

7 Jun

Gaze, captivated by my lovelies

mind caressed,

beckoned onward,

I stroll the well-lit walkway amid Champaign chuckles;

dance in the full moon’s pale light

rest my head upon Delilah’s inviting lap

Love me, love me say that you love me.

Seeking to become more I become less

I’ve inflated myself and my universe has shrunk


Like an evasive drop of water on the panting tongues of those who watch us from below

hollow promises begin to vanish out of my hand back into the mythologies from which they came.


I awaken from my Zen

scream condemnations at mascara eyed monsters which lead me with lullabies down the safe and gentle slopes to the universe’s rubbish heap

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man:  stop singing a song for me.

and I escape the sea of fragile minds (which think alike) and break my confederacy with sirens

sporting their sexy burial clothes


Wounded by visions of a rejected propitiator I fall

and from the compost of my pride’s decay sprouts eyes reborn

(the trail home being realised)

Beholden by the dawning beatific vision

where poetry and reality kiss

In making myself nothing I find everything

In shrinking I’ve fallen into Wonderland


Where’s Axl Rose? For I’ve been

taken me down to Paradise city where grass is green

by flowing golden streams

and morning stars rock for joy

I bath in milk, wine and laughter.

Feast and sip single malts with perfected rainbow haired spirits.

The half has never yet been told.

Sun and moon are necessities no more;

Always is with his people

and he is their Always.

Finally I’ve found my face.



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