9 reasons why you should apply to be Evaluation and Fundraising Intern courtesy of Laura Dedicoat

20 Dec

1. It’s an internship that exists throughout the process of the show but then also beyond it.
2. You get to instantly review Mouthy’s performance and translate that info back to a group who will thrive off the great feedback and grow from the more constructive feedback.
3. You get to continually develop and revolutionise a system/method of gathering information that may have once been considered tedious.
4. It is a vital contribution to Mouthy and its ability to develop and get funding.
5. You get to have direct communication and dialogue with our ever growing and changing audience.
6. The skills that you can gain from this are entirely transferable outside of theatre, performance and poetry in so many ways.
7. The potential for training is invaluable and without funding might not have been accessible before.
8. You are developed as a person AND a professional
9. You get the chance to witness and be involved with the inner workings of the Mouthy Poets.

Ingrid, Jeiran and Guilia SST8 Headline

20 Dec

EEEEK sorry we forget to put it up last night, I hope that it’s ok
Our idea is: 3 different character scenarios based in a restaurant/bar or in a student kitchen.
We are planning to use music and possibly graphic design :)

Joshua Jones SST8 draft idea

19 Dec

I cross the boundary

into the graveyard

with my mistress whom I love

hands linked together

Romance: our meal of pleasure

we push open the gate with a laugh

and proceed with a walk on the deads’ behalf

with fruit laden on autumnal trees

ready to eat; pretty to see

covering with their shadows all the engraved stones

she quips, “Not the most verbose of company, these bones

but they keep me from feeling alone

fancy they have a tongue all their own.”

These hallowed grounds we walk

just like she talks: with spontaneity

my soul is lost in her words and eyes

and all their wizardry

on a bench my heart finds comfort and rest

with her on my lap my head to her breast

things which fly do: sparrows, the hours, convictions, butterflies

as my hungers her delicious presence satisfies

I see a gravestone with my affection’s name

“You’re jinxed now” I say in playful game

“Before the end of the day you will shed a tear.”

Her eyes roll back, “You say such nonsense so cavalier.

Tell me, Mr.Wise, what does become of the tears we shed?”

“Caught by angels in bottles to be cashed in when we’re dead.

Or at least I like to think.”

I say with a smile and a wink

She smiles back and my heart flies without a fight

She is my apple, who’ll be hurt if I take a bite?

she pulls me tight

I hunger for her lips.

I taste.

A distant church bell strikes and she steps back

“Why does love, like humans, die?”

Feeling suddenly exposed I speak on the fly

“We die because we have trespassed

and are far from… home.”

Sobered by naked words which are sound

We loosen our grasp and gaze at the ground:

bright red leaves

yellows and oranges leaking life like antifreeze

while humans leak faithful love

She sighs, “How could a feeling so good become so wrong?”

That question pierces; a painful prong

“The brighter the archangel the worse the devil when it falls.”

“Can we not partake of Love when it calls?”

She asks in sweetest vulnerability

I gasp for breath as I grasp my chains for stability

now semi-aware it is they which hold me.

“Natural affections will be raised back to life in greater glory,

but they must be buried first.”

“So it’s still the same ol’ story?

Are there no short cuts to that banquet of riches?”

I turn my head from my friend to meet pain’s fierce kisses

“The paradox: for life

we must die before we die.

But He is faithful. Always.”

I say at the cross ways

my words she hears

we worship as we shed salty tears

which are wiped into a bottle

beyond the decay of time

to become a fine wine

for eternity’s wedding ensemble

so with a silent nod

we leave the dead to God

and kick with my boot

a piece of fallen fruit

swing the gate outwardly

and recross the boundary

to the world of the living

with my sister whom I love

hands freely released

Love: our unfading feast

Chris McLoughlin – SST8 Headline Show Idea

19 Dec

What the what?

So, the idea I’ve decided on is to approach the death of a loved one through humour.

I know, not the funniest topic to start with …

During a Mouthy Poet workshop, as part of one of the exercises, we were asked to free-write about food, and a memory attached. Through letting my pen ramble, I came out with a piece about a time I had to write an eulogy, but kept getting stuck on cliche phrases such as ‘the beloved’ and ‘congregation’. It was impersonal rubbish, reflecting neither my own thoughts, nor the deceased. My mind wandered, and I recalled a time when a friend convinced me to eat a jam doughnut before purchasing it.

Rebel, rebel.

So I wrote about phoning my Mum, at the age of 21, to confess my crime (I’m pretty sure I paid for the doughnut post-munch, for all the undercover culinary police out there).

Why the why?

The free-write is messy, and unstructured, but it contains what I want to give to SST8 – an account of how the death of a loved one can bring up good memories, not just bad, and to share a personal story with an audience, in the hopes that others might find comfort from it. Hopefully, through a bit of humour, this will come across.

And the food element shall be said stolen doughnut.

(I’ll just put this shoe horn back where I found it now …)

Where the where?

So, I have a piece of free-writing that I will redraft, get feedback on, and generally try to improve. I will practice the performance side of poetry at Open Mics and Spoken Word nights, to build confidence and stage presence.

I will not steal more doughnuts just because I think it might help me ‘relive the experience’.

Chris McLoughlin

Anne – SST8 idea for headline/scratch?

19 Dec

The tomato… a vegetable/fruit I have come to love. There are all sorts of memories that come flashing back when I smell one. I never buy them unless they smell good and strong, I stand in the supermarket sniffing packets and vines like a strange old woman.

imagesHeirloom-Tomato-2 Healthy fresh tomatoes

I hope I can make you all smell the memories with me. I don’t know whether this will be a monologue or what quite yet and I don’t know if these tomatoes are actually metaphors for something else??? That’s what I’m going to start exploring over the next few weeks in free writes and experiments – maybe I’ll do a spoof ready steady cook? Maybe I’ll do a spoof cooking segment for day time TV I dunno…. maybe it will be funny…. then plum-met (get it?Plum? Plum tomato?? Oh never mind…) into pathos… I don’t know – but I reckon this tomato thing has got room to grow.

8 Reasons why you should be the Education and Management Intern (courtesy of Hayley Green)

19 Dec

8 reasons to be the Education and Management Intern:

1. You get to organise awesome events – Say Sum Thin shows are an integral part of the Mouthy Poets’ work. This internship gives you the opportunity to help develop these shows and take them to the next level.

2. You learn how to run your own projects – getting involved in the projects that Mouthy run will develop your knowledge around organisation and management no end. So if you have your own ideas for projects, this is an amazing opportunity to develop you to the point of heading out on your own.

3. You will help to develop the education outreach work of Mouthy and inspire the next generation of poets. One of the most important elements of the work the Mouthy Poets do, you will help to shape the outreach work in the community and schools. There is fresh talent waiting in classrooms and this is an exciting role giving the opportunity to find it.

4. The sense of pride you get after working on a show – even though it is hard work, nothing can describe the sense of pride you feel after a show knowing that you were at the forefront of making it happen.

5. It’s basically a priceless opportunity that will lead to so many more opportunities – training, mentoring, professional, writing – it’s what you make of it.

6. Personal growth – I’ve grown so much as a person during this internship. The experience it can provide can help you realise your dreams and work towards them. It’s hard work, but the hard work is what helps you develop what it is you want to do and who you are as a person.

7. Professional growth – the skills you learn are invaluable in building your career whatever that is, the knowledge you gain is transferrable.

8. Artistic growth – When completing your internship, Mouthy will always consider your creative career and offer you opportunities to develop it, if that is what you want.

Anne on 10 Reasons why you should apply for the Mouthy Poets Publishing and Merchandise Internship Role

19 Dec

So the call-out is, well… OUT.

We are looking for our second batch of Mouthy Interns. These are paid, yes, paid internships which will run for 13 months and offer you money (yes, money) training, mentorship and support. The ‘old’ interns will be handing over at the end of January to 5 new interns.

To give you all an idea of what the role involves, beyond the details in the call-out document, and to give you the opportunity to ask any questions, or prompt discussions on internships in general I’ve asked the ‘oldies’ to come up with a list of reasons why they think you should apply for their particular role.

Here’s my list…

10 reasons why you should apply to be the publishing and merchandise intern

  1. The role of an intern allows you to see how an organization like Mouthy Poets works from the inside which means you get the chance to shape its growth even more.
  2. The training budget allows you to find training you would like to complete and you are offered training that the Management committee finds for you. This could be a poetry weekender where you learn how to get your poetry published, a course in proof reading and copy editing, a course in how to use desk top publishing software. You could attend zine making and bookbinding workshops. You could meet publishers, attend writing conferences – you choose.
  3. Build relationships with other writing organisations in the region and nationally.
  4. Build relationships with small presses and publishers.
  5. Life Coaching hours where you can discuss your career, your writing or any aspect of your life and draw up goals and develop strategies to achieve those goals.
  6. Be as creative as you like with producing material to sell at our events – being the intern means you have free reign to decide on what we sell at our SST events – curate craft fairs, make goods, design goods or commission goods to be sold. Learn about budgeting, pricing and sales in order to boost Mouthy’s income.
  7. Design and publish zines – as intern you have the chance to produce the zine in any way you choose – put together a team to support you – be as creative as you like.
  8. Design and produce programmes for our events.
  9. All of the experience during the period of the internship is a great way of learning new skills, building on your current experience and expanding your CV.
  10. Allows you to shape the way internships are run in future years.

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