Anne answers: What does a Publishing Intern Do?

28 Aug

I thought it was about time to fill you in on what I’ve been up to as part of my Publishing Internship with Mouthy Poets. I’ve written about it here on my blog, so please do follow the link to read more about it.

Apart from putting together the Zine for sale at out last SST event, I have been beavering away at learning how to set up my own small press… Big White Shed. It’s been something that I’ve thought about doing for a few years now, but a trip to Karlsruhe in Germany provided a bit of an epiphany for me and has set me off on the road to publishing for myself… so, have a read and watch this space… I’ll keep you informed.

What I learnt from the mouthy poets

28 Aug

Hello its ‘E’ again (aka Ezekiel :D doing work experience with Mouthy), in my previous blog I wrote down things I wanted to learn from Mouthy – I decided to show you how I learned them through the apt mode of poetry!  :D 

Time Travellers

They set to work with such determination.The speed at which they work; locked in a world only to come out when done, but they don’t realise it.

Start with the speed of a tornado
clearing and defeating all obstacles.

Unlimited ambitions and imaginations.
Lock up in a different world.Only to come out when the job is done.

The force behind the tornado, driving it.
Wait.Stop.No way! confusion emerges
Striking foolishly without mercy; all cells in the eyes, frozen as you stare.

Time goes by as the light shines on your faces.
The work is done, embrace yourself welcome back to the world.

The cycle starts again the next morning (maybe it will change the world one day).
They are submerged in a struggle to keep their eyes open as the cells tire helplessly but they strive to complete and so they do and I too.

by Ezekiel A Gbadeyan

image (2)

Leave a comment, or maybe write a poem of your own – what have you learned? 


10 Things I want to learn from Mouthy

27 Aug

Hello, My name is Ezekiel. I am 16 years of age and is starting college in September. I chose to have my work experience at Mouthy because I wanted to learn the power of words. I am hoping to have a different office experience which will enable me to adapt to different working environments. I want to increase my performance skills as I play musical instruments and be a product designer. It is the best place as it’s a creative, live, vibrant and an all inclusive environment with imagination.

1) How to write poems.
2) How to manage and plan for events.
3)The type of mind set it takes and how to express yourself and your ideas through words.
4) Writing fewer words to increase the punch or emphasis.
5) How to directly communicate and speak to the audience confidently whether in the office or whilst performing.
6) How to manage the finance of a company or event.
7) Understanding the concepts of spoken word to be able to manipulate words to have an effect on the audience or to embed a personal acknowledgement.
8)Learn to explore words.
9) Increase my vocabulary and learn the type of language or words needed to communicate effectively and clearly.
10) Learn everything possible that I can absorb their knowledge by either watching, listening. In anyway possible.

What do you want to learn?

Ezekiel :D

Changing location and enhancing my internship

24 Aug

Hello Mouthies,

As most of you will probably know by now I have changed location, but I am still a Mouthy and will be finishing my internship here in London. Part of this change will be writing a weekly blog post to share with you what I am learning (in relation to the internship) and also to give you updates about what I’m up to.

This week though, I thought I would just start by telling you what I am doing and why I have moved. So, From September to the end of January I will be doing a fast-track journalism course, so I can learn all the nitty gritty aspects, such as shorthand, and media law.

My title of my internship with the Mouthy Poets is Evaluation and Funding Intern, which means I have been documenting and researching ways to evaluate our events and teaching, so that we can find ways to improve and grow as a company. For the next few months I will be focusing a lot more on funding, such as finding new sources and forming relationships with possible funders.

This is my fifth day in London now and here are 2 things I have noticed . .

1. You can find a lot of cool free events
2. Every tube journey provides me with a poem

This is an open air theatre I went to on the Southbank:

2014-08-21 22.24.23

If you are interested in finding out anything relating to evaluation or funding let me know and I can try to cover it in a blog post.

Have a good Sunday!

What is Mouthy to you?

24 Aug _DSF8447

Mouthy is that fine line between snooze & life, 

Mouthy is the moment I took responsibility.


Mouthy is teeth and dimples – a hug

when you don’t realise it’s all you need. 


Mouthy is Salt and vinigar Square’s – 

a snack you’ve been craving for days


Mouthy is crying so much I can’t breath 

then getting up and saying what I need. 


Mouthy is a hand on my shoulder 

and a plate of fried chicken, Mr Cool’s. 


Mouthy is friendship, 

it’s a challenge, 


it’s a conversation over Ribena 

and confession and bitten nails. 


Mouthy is an alarm clock, 

I don’t yet quiet understand how to use 


But I am definitely awake.


Ioney Smallhorne is currently making a ‘Mouthy is’ film, to show at the beginning of each of our Mouthy tour stops over the next year. I filmed a couple lines from me with her yesterday and then realised – wow, this is a big film and the lines I just gave her were a bit too random to give Mouthy justice. This film needs to show the world the diversity and breadth of what Mouthy does. This is still really a warm up (my 5minutes of daily writing), but I really want to encourage every Mouthy, Alumni and all to think of a couple ‘Mouthy is…’ lines and get in touch with Ioney to film them in the next week.

Because if you don’t, people might never know what Mouthy really is.


Debris x 

p.s. And if you’re not in the Mouthy Poets -why not drop a comment and tell us what we look like to you?

Watch Our Mouthy Poet Slam LIVE TONIGHT!

14 Aug


Anita’s debut performance at The Roundhouse in May this year. @Saiphotography





Tune in online at – to watch the finals of arguably the UK’s biggest youth slam final! 

We are happy to let you know that Mouthy Poet Anita Barton-Williams will be performing in the slam tonight and we will all be watching her live tonight to give her the support she needs! 

She will be performing in the Main Space of the Roundhouse, a stage that has showcased the likes of Jimmy Hendrix, Sir Paul McCartney and Jay Z. Here is a picture of founder of Mouthy, Debris performing in the space to give you an idea of the EPIC nature of this opportunity – 

Roundhouse Photo


Needless to say, whatever the result tonight we are proud to call Anita Mouthy and we are all behind her as a poet and a person. 


Neal pike stage directions

17 Jul

Neal stage directions

6-10 poets on stage, standing in line, leftwards, some are standing next to each other to portray a bus
neal is in the middle of the bus, neal with handheld mic
Dimmed lights
sylky playing guitar at the outside left of the bus

Poem starts

Line: “The unknown NOTTINGHAM”
Bus changes to queue: extras turning around, facing to the right. Those in second row enter line.
Sylky sits down on floor playing guitar

Line: “the DANCEFLOOR was a beer-soaked space”
Queue changes to dancefloor: extras fill out stage behind neal, dancing. After having found a position, freeze
From now on discolights (different colors changing)

sylky: “you’re way too cool for this place“ ((maybe-try this out))
Sylky: “Sorry mate, this is good stuff“
Sylky slowly going to Neal.

Discolight out to dimmed light after
„It doesn’t agitate like a lagoon
Like it used to”

Line: “my taurine addled brain trots“
Dancefloor changes to bus


After „inky words“ (1person)

After forever awkward (2people)

After „instead of eightteen and awkward“ (2people)

Neal and Sylky standing in the middle at the front of stage
Fade to BLACK


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